That blogging state of mind…

January 31, 2012

I couldn’t begin to tell you how long it has been since my last blog. Two and a half years I presume. My how the times have changed.

This has all come about in a strange way. Back in my youth (and we’re talking roughly 10+ years now) I used to follow this scene which went by the name of E/N. Back before your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Porn etc there was E/N. Stileproject and Internetgossip, camgirls galore. I read these pages daily and wanted to be just like these people. They didn’t know me, and I couldn’t care less because I felt like I knew them. They blogged about their poops, whatever was going on with their day, even played games (SURVIVORCAM) and wasted countless hours on the web. Years go by and bloggers come and go, the scene changed and I ended up doing things I never thought I’d do, nor things I really wanted to. Live and learn, we’re all young once.

Fast forward to the present day (well, two days ago). I get an invite for an E/N group. Now again, I will state that I was never REALLY E/N, I (as well as other camgirl’s) just kind of filled the gap when they all moved on to bigger and better things; the past 48 hours have made me ponder my past on the internet, and where I’d be if I didn’t have it. I probably would have finished high school, and had a real grown up job by now. But I digress; life happens and takes us in ways that we never suspect. The road of life has its paths, lefts and rights, ups and downs. Here I am, many moons later, blogging once again. And again, it’s useless bullshit.

I have yet to figure out what I’m really going to do with this page, but for now, my musings will suffice.


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